International Programs

International Programs

CorStone develops and provides personal resilience programs to improve well-being for youth worldwide, focusing on adolescent girls as critical change-agents in their communities.

Cultivating personal resilience is a foundational step in helping youth to thrive—one which is often missing in development programs worldwide. Our evidence-based programs impact three interdependent factors in wellbeing: emotional health, physical health, and education.
Girls First | Bihar, India
Girls First | Bihar empowers marginalized adolescent girls in Bihar, India with knowledge, skills and support to improve their personal resilience and physical health, and to self-advocate for their right to stay in school and delay marriage.

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Girls First | Surat, India
Girls First | Surat empowers marginalized adolescent girls in the slums of Surat, India, with knowledge, skills and support to improve their personal resilience, physical health, academic achievement and self-sufficiency.

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Girls First | KGBV Schools, India
Girls will receive extensive training in topics such as character strengths, interpersonal communication, problem-solving, nutrition, reproductive health, and gender-based violence taught and facilitated by trained KGBV teachers.

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Youth First | India
Based on the well-documented impacts of our Girls First program, Youth First fosters development ‘from the inside out,’ providing an integrated, school-based, resilience and adolescent health training program to improve health, school performance, self-advocacy and social skills among marginalized youth.

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What I liked so much was that I was able to solve my own problem.

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