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CorStone’s Resiliency Program for Girls in India | Results are in!

CorStone is pleased to announce the results of the Children’s Resiliency Program for Girls (CRPG) with 1,000 girls from the slums of Surat, India. The CRPG was conducted in partnership with the Federation of Slum Dwelling Women, a cooperative of over 1,000 women in Surat. Girls in the program were 12-16 years of age, from the Dalit (so-called […]

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Sonal stands in her school uniform in front of Sarvajanik High School

Sonal’s Story: A story of resilience from the slums of Surat, India

October 9, 2011 Kate Sachs, Program Associate, CorStone Sonal stands in her uniform in front of  Sarvajanik High School Sonal is a vibrant 15 year old girl with a passion for life who recently completed CorStone’s Children’s Resiliency Program for Girls in India. In this photograph, she stands in her school uniform outside of the government-run […]

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Girls in Surat's slums greet us with smiles and laughter

Back from India – Reflections and Gratitude

Earlier this week, upon completing the launch of CorStone’s Children’s Resiliency Program for Girls in Surat, Gujarat, I spent a night in Mumbai while waiting for my flight back home. The view outside my hotel window was of an immense sprawling slum. Clusters of grey ramshackle tin roof shacks as far as I could see, […]

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