The Circle

Kate and I visited a school in rural Patna today. Oppressive poverty mixed with lush green rice paddies, stifling Girls First, Bihar, Indiaheat, a little boy riding a water buffalo, goats painted pink and yellow, and stunning colorful saris.We sat in a circle with 15 girls attending our Girls First program. One of the girls sang us a beautiful song.

Then they asked me to sing. I said no, I didn’t really have any songs to sing.

They begged and begged me to sing, so I said Kate and I were married recently and at the wedding my daughter and I surprised her with a song. But my daughter is not here and I couldn’t sing it without her.

They said we are all your daughters.

I said but it is a very emotional love song for me, and I will cry.

And they said then we will cry with you.

So I sang a few bars…with visions of my wife, my daughter, all daughters, all sons, all fathers, all mothers rushing through me. The joy and the tears of life…and I promptly broke down.

And was held by love.

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