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U.S. Programs

CorStone works in the US with families, schools, groups and communities struggling with endemic hardship, conflict, or crisis.

In the US, we provide personal resilience training in K-12 schools to help teachers, administrators, and students build internal and interpersonal skills and assets that enable them
to improve academic achievement, strengthen social bonds, better cope with stress, and decrease behavioral problems. Similarly, our parenting programs focus on building parenting skills and personal resilience in low income families with young children.
Family Resilience Program
CorStone's Family Resilience Program builds resilience and parenting skills in families with young children. First launched in San Rafael and Marin City, CA, in May 2009, the program helps new parents develop the ability to cope with and reduce the stresses that accompany the birth of a child or expansion of a family.

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Children + Youth Resilience Program
Our Children and Youth Resilience Program in schools aims to provide students (ages12-18) with knowledge and skills that enhance their resilience to psychological disorders, build self-esteem, reduce stress-related health problems, improve social functioning and strengthen their ability to deal with conflict.

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I can finally parent my children positively and I feel I have all the tools I need.

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