Advancing adolescent health + education in Kenya | Radio Interview

Karanja Muraya, Executive Director of SOWED and Gracy Andrew, CorStone Country Director, India discuss adolescent health and education in Kenya. In this MMU Kenya Radio interview, they dive into the role of resilience training in promoting positive life outcomes for the next generation of Kenyan youth.

The interview also reveals how CorStone’s proven programs build social and emotional assets, such as coping skills, character strengths, and positive self-regard, as well as improved adolescent health. All essential life skills that youth in underserved communities will come to rely on as they navigate the unique challenges that they face.

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Karanja Muraya | SOWED Executive Director

Gracy Andrew | CorStone Country Director, India

Informative MMU Kenya radio interview on advancing adolescent health + education in Kenya
CorStone Program | Youth First
Run Time | 21:52

One thought on “Advancing adolescent health + education in Kenya | Radio Interview

  1. No Script & No prior Preparation.

    Very informative -useful insights from Gracy Andrew. 200,000 listeners in Kajiado, Machakos and lower parts of Nairobi reached. Good work

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