Family Resilience Program

Family Resilience Program

[divider] [twocol_one]CorStone’s Family Resilience Program (FRP) builds resilience and parenting skills in at-risk parents of young children. The program serves parents and caregivers from diverse cultures and socio-economic groups raising children from birth to five years of age, and is available in both English and Spanish.[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]The FRP addresses barriers to effective parenting and healthy family communication by increasing parenting knowledge, developing interpersonal skills, building coping skills and decreasing stress. The program aims to reduce the likelihood of child abuse, domestic violence, parental depression, anxiety, and isolation. [/twocol_one_last]
[typography font="Coustard" size="1.2" size_format="em" color="#584437"]Program Details[/typography] [hr] The Family Resilience Program uses a delivery model that is efficient, low-cost, culturally-sensitive and available to families regardless of their ability to pay. The program is delivered by local in-community facilitators trained and supervised by CorStone staff.

The program consists of two-hour weekly sessions for approximately three months, pairing instructional classes with peer support using the Attitudinal Healing model of facilitation developed at CorStone over the past 35 years. In these interactive sessions, families can learn and practice their new skills in a highly supportive setting. Parenting curriculum for expectant parents and parents of young children is included in each session, providing easy-to-understand instruction on topics such as:

  • Early childhood development (biological bases of behavior, attachment and nurturing, neurological functioning, emotional resiliency)
  • Emotional regulation and anger management
  • Mindfulness training and coping with stress
  • Social skills, non-violent communication, conflict resolution, and crisis management
  • Techniques for solving problems, making healthy decisions, and setting positive goals
[hr] To learn more about the program + results, contact Kate Sachs Leventhal | Research + Program Manager
[typography font="Coustard" size="1.2" size_format="em" color="#584437"]Measurable Results | Remarkable Impact[/typography] [hr] Launched in 2009 in San Rafael and Marin City, CA, over 250 parents have attended the program to date. Surveys of 51 parent participants from the immigrant-rich, low-income Canal neighborhood of San Rafael, CA, indicate substantial positive effects. Highlights include:

  • Parental self-esteem increased by almost 70%.When asked about their self-image at the start of the program, only 42% said that they felt ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ good about themselves. By the end of the program, fully 71% said they now felt ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ good about themselves.
  • Health-related knowledge improved by 48%. Before participating in the program, only 48% of parents answered health-related questions correctly. By the end of the program, a full 70% were able to answer these questions correctly.
  • Isolation showed a strong downward trend. At baseline, only 28% of parents felt ‘not at all’ isolated. By endpoint, a full 72% felt ‘not at all isolated.’
  • Connection to spouse or partner increased throughout the program. Those who reported feeling ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ connected to their spouse or partner increased from 71% to 94%.
  • Confidence in advocacy capabilities nearly doubled. Before participating in the program, only 33% of parents felt ‘very sure’ of their ability to advocate for their children. By endpoint, 64% indicated that they felt ‘very sure’ and 97% indicated that they felt ‘sure’ or ‘very sure’ of their advocacy abilities.
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