Giving Tuesday | A special opportunity to support those in need

MAY 5, 2020 is #GivingTuesdayNow day. This occasion represents a national effort to spur philanthropic efforts—large and small—to help those working to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many wonderful organizations around the world are providing a direct response to the COVID-19 crisis including:

  • | Meals for families
  • | Ventilators
  • | Mask production
  • | Childcare for essential workers
  • | And more

These efforts are crucial, and we are so grateful to those who are stepping up to meet the need.

Transition and required support

Once we start transitioning back to a society where we can safely interact with one another, life, as we know it, will be different. The result is many people will emerge having suffered tremendously.

As such, second wave relief efforts that attempt to heal and rebuild on an individual and societal level will need to be deployed with as much fervor, precision, and enthusiasm as direct response efforts.

Investments in mental health and resilience programming will be more important than ever. In youth particularly, prolonged unaddressed trauma can affect both mental and physical health as well as educational outcomes.

Further, girls will likely be affected more than boys, and this, in turn, could undo the tremendous advances that have been made globally in girls’ education and gender equality over the last 10 years.

Help us make a difference in a unique time of need

Giving Tuesday presents a special opportunity to support CorStone with a financial contribution. Your direct support enables us to continue to provide resilience-based training that empowers marginalized youth around the world with the skills and understanding of how to “bounce back” and thrive despite significant adversity.

With your generosity on Giving Tuesday, you can give back and help us support these underserved communities in safe ways that demonstrate kindness and leverage the individual power of generosity to connect and heal as we all move through the COVID-19 crisis together.


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Giving in other ways

If you’re not able to financially contribute, consider joining the Giving Now Community of people all over the world engaging in acts of generosity on this day.

Consider how you can make an individual difference by participating in one of these activities.

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1. | Show kindness

Kindness is contagious! Offer to walk a neighbor’s pets, call a friend, hang a heart or sign in your window, host a concert from your balcony.

2. | Thank a worker

Clap for your healthcare workers, thank your post officer, delivery driver, and other essential workers. Write thank you cards, post on social media, and share your appreciation for the people and organizations that are helping your community.

3. | Lend a hand

Help with response efforts by bringing groceries to at-risk individuals, sewing masks for nurses and doctors, donating excess food items to shelters and food banks, or giving blood.

Donate on Giving Tuesday | CorStone

Share your generosity

However you choose to help, share your generosity with others by logging in to the GivingTuesdayNow Community to tell your story of giving back and helping us to cover the globe with kindness.

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