International Programs

International Programs

CorStone develops and provides personal resilience programs to improve well-being for youth worldwide, focusing on adolescent girls as critical change-agents in their communities.

Cultivating personal resilience is a foundational step in helping youth to thrive—one which is often missing in development programs worldwide. Our evidence-based programs impact three interdependent factors in wellbeing: emotional health, physical health, and education.
India Programs
Girls First | Bihar, India
Girls First | Bihar empowers marginalized adolescent girls in Bihar, India with knowledge, skills and support to improve their personal resilience and physical health, and to self-advocate for their right to stay in school and delay marriage.

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Girls First | Surat, India
Girls First | Surat empowers marginalized adolescent girls in the slums of Surat, India, with knowledge, skills and support to improve their personal resilience, physical health, academic achievement and self-sufficiency.

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SHG Resilience Project
Self-help groups | SHGs present a relatively unexplored opportunity to improve resilience among women in India. The SHG Resilience Project seeks to increase physical health, mental and emotional wellbeing, social capital and life skills among women in rural Bihar.

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Girls First | KGBV Schools, India
Girls will receive extensive training in topics such as character strengths, interpersonal communication, problem-solving, nutrition, reproductive health, and gender-based violence taught and facilitated by trained KGBV teachers.

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Youth First | India
Based on the well-documented impacts of our Girls First program, Youth First fosters development ‘from the inside out,’ providing an integrated, school-based, resilience and adolescent health training program to improve health, school performance, self-advocacy and social skills among marginalized youth.

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Africa Programs
Youth First | Kenya
Youth First Kenya is an integrated resilience and health training program that seeks to build social and emotional assets, such as coping skills, character strengths, positive self-regard, and improved adolescent health for Kenya youth.

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