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Choosing Joy | Podcast with Steve Leventhal
Live Happy
By Deborah K. Heisz
October 2016
'Stand Up India' For Adolescent Wellbeing
By Namrata Bhalla
August 2016
Way to Go, Girl!
Views on News
By Murali Krishnan | Patna
March 2016
‘Girls First’ scheme in Bihar bears fruits
Times of India
January 2016
‘Girls First’ in Bihar scheme yields positive results
New Delhi Times
By New Delhi Times Bureau
January 2016
CorStone’s Cutting-Edge ‘Girls First’ Resilience Program Significantly Improves Emotional and Physical Well Being of Adolescent Girls in Bihar
By NewsVoir
January 2016
‘Girls First’ resilience programme improves emotional and physical well-being of adolescent girls in Bihar
The Pioneer
By PNS | New Delhi
January 2016
Empowering Girls
By Murali Krishnan
January 2016
Adolescents with built-in resilience
The Hindu Business Line
By Usha Rai
January 2016
Resiliency | Teaching Students to Bounce Back
California Educator
By Sherry Posnick-Goodwin
June 2010
CorStone Program Improves Students' Emotional Strength
KGO-TV San Francisco, CA
February 23, 2010
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CorStone expands Youth First resilience training program to Kenya in Africa
CorStone Youth First Program | Kenya
Kenya | July 1, 2017

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CorStone’s cutting-edge ‘Girls First’ resilience program significantly improves emotional and physical wellbeing of adolescent girls in Bihar
CorStone India Foundation | Youth First
New Delhi | January 20, 2016

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CorStone and San Rafael City Schools Launch Unique Emotional Resiliency Program at Davidson Middle School
San Rafael City Schools
Sausalito | October 29, 2009

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Marin nonprofit, CorStone, in partnership with San Rafael City Schools, is launching a cutting edge new program intended to give incoming Davidson Middle School 6th graders a proven “tool box” of skill building exercises and peer support circles aimed at increasing each child’s overall social-emotional and communication skills. The goal is to help ensure the successful transition of all incoming students to a larger, increasingly diverse environment.

“We’re proud to team with the dynamic leadership of Dr. Michael Watenpaugh, Superintendent of SRCS and Dr. Harriet MacLean, Principal at Davidson Middle School to launch CorStone’s new Children’s Resiliency Program,” said Steve Leventhal, Executive Director. “Research shows that children who participate in emotional learning programs fair far better in terms of self esteem, life skills, academic achievement, the ability to deal with stress and conflict, and the capacity to make healthy life choices -- making our Children’s Resiliency Program a natural fit for students transitioning into the middle school experience.”

Each of the 280 incoming 6th grade students, primarily ages 11 -12 years old, will attend a facilitated weekly peer support group during which the students will be trained in specific techniques that will help to foster optimism, increase internal locus of control, promote positive social connections and strengthen the ability to handle stressful situations and conflict, all of which are known protective factors for emotional resiliency.

“CorStone’s research-driven, measurable program is a very good fit for our active and diverse community,” said Superintendent Watenpaugh. “The SRCS is actively engaged in pursuing the “community schools model” where building a coalition of community partners with all agencies and organizations interacting with our youth will ultimately increase our kids’ success in school. CorStone is among our initial partners.”

San Rafael has seven elementary schools that feed into Davidson Middle School. “CorStone perfectly interfaces with our vision to create a supportive, caring and nurturing environment for our students,” reflects Davidson Principal Dr. MacLean. “We celebrate our diversity by taking the opportunity to prepare our students to practice solutions-based problem solving with one another in a safe and productive environment.”

CorStone has partnered with UCSF, Global Health Science’s Institute for Global Health to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the program’s success. The Children’s Resiliency Program commenced at Davidson in September 2009 and will end in May 2010. CorStone expects to expand the program to additional middle and high schools in Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area in 2010.
About San Rafael City Schools
The mission of the San Rafael City Schools, a multicultural community with a commitment to build a school system of unparalleled quality, is to guarantee to students and parents that all students will acquire knowledge and skills essential for life-long learning, responsible citizenship, and fulfillment of their greatest potential through a challenging personalized education in collaboration with parents, staff and our diverse community. For more information, visit
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International Positive Education Network | IPEN
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October 2, 2015
How CorStone's resilience-based curriculum of integrated positive psychology, social-emotional learning, emotional intelligence, and restorative circles made a difference in Bihar, India with the Girl's First program.
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The Missing Link in Girls’ Education
Stanford Social Innovation Review
By Steve Leventhal
June 29, 2015
CorStone's Girls's First Program in Surat, India makes major progress in improving the outcomes for adolescent girls—and the data proves it.
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