COVID-19 has turned our world upside down. As a result, it’s normal to experience many different emotions during this disruptive moment including fear, anxiety, anger, stress, irritation, confusion, helplessness, boredom, and more.

Draw on strength from within

At times like this, it’s essential to recognize that you have inner strengths that you can draw from to cope and manage new situations that generate powerful emotions.

And, as our evidence-based Resilience Training enables, no one can ever take your inner strength away from you—no matter what happens. Internal qualities that are uniquely yours include:

  • | Kindness
  • | Love
  • | Humor
  • | Creativity
  • | Persistence
  • | Gratitude
  • | And many more
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A quick guide for uncertain times

To help you through these ever-changing times and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve assembled an easy-to-use guide to help remind you of what you possess and how to turn to your inner strengths into positive actions.

Think of our reference tool as a Personal Resilience and COVID-19 Tips Guide. Our international team has also developed country-specific versions of this guide in the appropriate language.

Download your Tips

Download the Personal Resilience and COVID-19 Tips Guide in the country + language version that’s right for you below. We hope you find it helpful as we move through the coronavirus crisis together to get to better days ahead.

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