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CorStone builds and disseminates best practices for strengthening personal resilience in marginalized youth. Our research is evidence-based, which means that we collect and analyze data to determine how effective our methods are over time. Our methods include::
Standardized measures for anxiety, emotional resilience, quality of life, social wellbeing, and other social emotional issues
Observers’ reports
Controls for socio-demographic differences in our study samples
Use of control group(s) wherever possible
Rigorous statistical analyses
With our dedication to demonstrating efficacy, CorStone is committed to meet the demands of academic institutions, researchers, foundations and others interested in furthering and supporting best practices in developing personal resilience in at-risk youth.

Below we showcase research studies, white papers and presentations of interest from our own as well as others’ work, in the hope of helping to build an international community of practice around this emerging field.

Check back often as we update our research frequently.
International Programs + Reports

Girls First | Bihar—2014 Randomized Controlled Trial

Building Psychosocial Assets and Well-being Among Adolescent Girls
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The Methods of a multi-arm randomized controlled trial of Girls First, India
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Now I Have the Courage
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Overview and Summary of RCT Finding
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A psychosocial resilience curriculum provides the “missing piece” to boost adolescent physical health
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Children's Resiliency Program for Girls | Surat, India

Summary of 2011 Research Findings
Presented at the World Congress of Positive Psychology, 2011
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Children's Resiliency Program | New Delhi, India

Evaluation by Sangath, August 2010
An evaluation of the Children's Resiliency Program at the Hope Project, Basti Hzt. Nizamuddin, New Delhi. 2009—2010
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Conferences + Presentations

Risk and Protective Factors for Adjustment Problems among High-Poverty Adolescent Girls in India

Presented at the Western Psychological Association Convention, 2013
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Applying Positive Psychology in Low-Resource Settings

Lessons from CorStone's Girls First Program in India
Presented at the World Congress of Positive Psychology, 2014
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The CorStone Family Resilience Program

Developing Optimism and Social Support for Decreased Parenting Stress
Presented at the World Congress of Positive Psychology, 2013
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Emotional Resilience

Optimism, Hardiness, and Resiliency: A Review of the Literature

Bissonnette. Prepared for the Child and Family Partnership Project. August 1998
Silk, Vanderbilt-Adriance, Shaw, Forbes, Whalen, Ryan, Dahl. Development and Psychopathology 19. 2007, 841-865. Copyright 2007 Cambridge University Press
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Implications of Resilience Concepts for Scientific Understanding

Rutter. Annals New York Academy of Sciences. 2006
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More Emotional Resilience

Using Protective Factors in Practice

Lessons Learned about Resilience from a Study of Children Aged Five to Thirteen
Shapiro and Lebuffe. Annals New York Academy of Science. 350-353. 2006
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Psychological Resilience, Positive Emotions, and Successful Adaptation to Stress in Later Life

Ong and Bergeman, Bisconti, Wallace. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 2006. Vol. 91, No. 4, 730-749
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