Voices of Resilience

Voices of Resilience

Voices of Resilience captures how members of our global community are using learned resilience skills to survive and cope as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt and transform lives everywhere.


Kajal chose to live in the present and be strong for the benefit of her family while she is staying at home during the COVID-19 crisis.
CorStone Program | Girls First, Bihar
Run Time | 1:12


Lorraine utilizes persistence, hopefulness, and prayer to manage her stress and other difficult emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic.
CorStone Program | Youth First, Kenya
Run Time | 1:18


An 8th-year student shares how she is following the public health guidelines to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in her community.
CorStone Program | Girls First, India
Run Time | 1:32


Sylvia shares how she finds benefit—including humor—in everyday life while staying at home in Kenya.
CorStone Program | Youth First, Kenya
Run Time | 1:43


To fight gender biases, Alka is using the time in lockdown to teach both her sons to cook while instilling valuable life skills
CorStone Program | Girls First, Madhubani
Run Time | 1:33

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More | Voices of Resilience

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