Webinar | How COVID opens opportunities for promoting youth mental health

CorStone, in collaboration with SNEHA, recently produced a webinar titled Post-Pandemic Roadmap to Resilience—Strengthening Mental Health Care for the Youth. This informative online exchange was published on December 15, 2021.

SNEHA and CorStone are working together to bridge the awareness gap on mental health and to encourage help-seeking behavior among youth—especially among adolescent girls in under-served communities around the world.

A pandemic of opportunities for promoting youth mental health

The webinar revealed that the pandemic offers a unique opportunity to have more open conversations on supporting mental health.

Mental health experts and webinar participants included:

  • Gracy Andrew | CorStone Vice-President + India Country Director
  • Neeta Karandikar | SNEHA Associate Program Director Adolescent Health and Sexuality—EHSAS
  • Saisha Manan | Grants Manager at the Mariwala Health Initiative—MHI
  • Ravina Matal | SNEHA Community Organizer
  • Shai Venkatraman | Director Strategic Communications + Operations, Footprint Global Communications

In this webinar, the panel of experts focused on the need to reduce risk factors that can lead to the development of a mental disorder including:

  • | Increased protective factors
  • | Development of coping mechanisms
  • | Role of family and community
  • | Adoption of healthy physical behaviors

The combined result of these conditions can help prevent the onset of diagnosable mental disorders.

A path forward for mental health support for youth

Critical components for supporting and nurturing mental health in youth were outlined by the webinar participants.

There is a need to adopt a more hybrid model where offline and online techniques are combined with building awareness among parents on understanding the emotional needs of their children.
Neeta Karandikar | SNEHA Associate Program Director—EHSAS

Expansion of access to social security services with innovative and promotive mental health policies for children, adolescents, and young girls are foundational requirements.

In addition, direct digital collaboration networks of mental health service providers and community volunteers are essential for success.

Watch the webinar

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